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Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You like the idea of a media wall but it seems too complex to handle yourself and you have no idea where to start.

You don’t like where your TV is located, you want to modernise your living room so everything is contained and minimalistic, yet accessible.

You are unclear how long it would take to install a media wall and are put off by the likely disruption.

Imagine if you could…

Work with a reliable media wall company who manages your project, handling all aspects of the build and installation, so you don’t have to.
Be guided by experts on the best design and features to suit your media wall needs and your own personal taste.
Have your media wall turned around quickly to a high quality and finish ready to start enjoying straight away.

Introducing Aaran Bespoke media wall Specialists

A complex solution made simple

Media walls are so sleek you’d think they were simple to create, however there is a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ that goes into building them. From bespoke designs to the actual creation of your media wall, every detail has technical, intricate components that make them quite complex, so it’s no wonder you’d want to hire a professional.

Media walls are not cheap, due to the craftsmanship and the amount of trades people involved, there is more to this eye-catching feature than you’d first think. From electricians, to plasterers, it can be quite a tricky job.

However, due to our significant experience, eye-for-detail and genuine care, we are the best placed people to help you achieve your dream media wall. We will project manage the whole venture, minimising your involvement and time, whilst ensuring minimal disruption to your home as possible.

Media Walls Aaran Bespoke

What you need to know before installing a media wall

Chimney breasts / fireplaces

There are not many limitations when it comes to us building a media wall, but having an existing open fire, or stove, is one of them. We can however build a ‘stud’ wall onto an existing chimney breast.

Open fire or stove

We also cannot create your media wall using an open fire or stove, so you will need to purchase a new fire that won’t interfere with your TV or wall. When we discuss your quote we will provide you with our recommended supplier who you can order directly from. By ordering the fire yourself you aren’t tied to limited stock or long delivery leads, which can speed up the process saving you both time and money.


The more information you can provide about your space, the more accurate our quotation will be. Simply complete our contact form and we will get back to you with an initial quote and the best next steps.

Our step by step process

    • After an initial quotation and should you wish to go ahead we will arrange a date for our experienced designer to come and take measurements and to assess the space.
    • We will answer any questions on the initial visit and ask for 50% of the full cost to be paid as a deposit so that we can book the work into our schedule (rest paid on completion).
    • We will agree the date to do the work.
    • We will order all the materials and parts. You will need to order the TV bracket and fire (we will supply our recommendations).
    • Our experienced media wall fitters will carry out the installation.
    • Once you have signed off the new media wall project, you will have one month to call us back free of charge for any reason.

    Our media wall standard features

    As we mentioned above, there are a lot of factors involved when it comes to your media wall. You start with a blank canvas and can have whatever design, build, and concept you want. So, first things first, we need to understand your wants, needs, and requirements. Feel free to browse our portfolio, or share any images or inspiration you’ve found to help us visualise what you’re looking for. And, if you’re unsure what you want, our interior designer can help you decide.

    Our media wall standard features

    There are some features that come as standard, such as:

    • TV bracket.
    • Electric fire (supplied by you and fitted by us).
    • Hidden wiring and shelf for the console (see example below)
    Media Walls Aaran Bespoke

    Enhanced features for media walls

    There are some enhanced features you can also have, such as:

    LED back-lighting,
    Cupboards for additional storage,
    Integrated fridge

    LED backlighting and downlighting

    Media Walls Aaran Bespoke

    Integrated fridge

    Media Walls Aaran Bespoke

    SHELVES and additional storage

    Media Walls Aaran Bespoke


    "We couldn't be happier with the result...

    Reece came in for a quick consultation which he normally doesn’t do but was happy to for our peace of mind. Shortly after Reece completed our Media Wall, with electric fireplace and tiling and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We’d highly recommend Aaran Bespoke to anyone looking to add new features to their home. Thanks again Reece and Aaran Bespoke!”

    "We get so many compliments...

    Aaran Bespoke fitted a media wall in our living room and we love it so much, we get so many compliments when we have people over. Thanks so much!”

    "Aaran Bespoke are so great I got them back for another job...

    Aaran Bespoke have been so great I got them back for another job ! They firstly installed a glass balustrade and after seeing the media wall work they do, I ended up having this done too ! Excellent professionals in what they do!”

    Are you ready to…

    Improve your home so you don’t have to move. A media wall is a great way to enhance and modernise your space, to create something you truly love, without having to worry about the cost of moving.
    Feel safe knowing you’re working with experts who will guide you on the best design and features to suit your media wall needs and to suit your own personal style and taste.
    Work with a company who provides quick turn-arounds, ensuring you have as little disruption to your home as possible, whilst creating a high-quality, bespoke media wall, so you can relax and enjoy your new space.


    Whether you are planning a panelling, media wall or specialist glazing project, get in touch with Aaran Bespoke today. Trusted, experienced interior designers here to help you fall back in love with your home again!


    Work / process related questions


    Yes, of course. When enquiring, please send us through your ideas of what you would like, along with the size of your space and we will provide a quote.


    We provide a quick quote and our fire supplier for you to order from.

    A date for us to come and take final measurements.

    A date to begin the build.

    We will answer any questions you have on our initial visit, and we ask for 50% of the cost upfront, with the remainder to be paid on completion.

    Simply complete the enquiry form on the contact page.

    How do I enquire?

    Please use the enquiry form and and provide us with the size of your space along with what style media wall you would like and we will provide a quote.

    How long does it take?

    It takes 1-2 days to build, 1 day to plaster and we come back a week later (once the plaster is dry) to paint and hang the TV.

    Cost related questions

    What does the price include?

    Price includes the build of the wall, plaster, paint, electrics and install. The electric fire is an additional cost and they can range between £1,000 – £2,000 depending on what style you want.

    Are you affordable?

    Building a good-quality media wall isn’t cheap. But, if you’re looking to modernise your home, without having to move, in an affordable but sleek way, then yes, we are.

    Due to the multiple trades people involved in building a media wall, and the precise measurements needed, it isn’t the cheapest investment but it is a lot cheaper than moving house. It also provides you with something you love, that you’re proud of, so it’s more than just a wall.

    What makes you better than other media wall supply companies?

    We are one of the only businesses providing media walls, and even those currently offering do not have the level of expertise that we have. We provide an end-to-end service, from the initial enquiry, through to the installation and build, leaving no stone unturned. So, both our product and service is unparalleled.

    Fire related questions

    Do you supply the fire?

    Unfortunately, we do not supply the fire. However, we can recommend where to buy from and we will install it.

    What size fire do you recommend?

    It all depends on the size TV you are going for and what you prefer. Most customers buy a fire that is similar size to their tv, but this all depends on what style you prefer. Please see our portfolio for inspiration.

    Can you build on an existing chimney breast?

    Unfortunately, no. This isn’t something any media wall installer can do.

    Media walls are built onto stud walls, providing space for your TV and a particular type of fire that will have no effect on your TV. Therefore, if you have a log burner, or any open fire, you would end up damaging the TV.

    We provide you with our recommended fire supplier, who you can order directly from, which saves time in the long run as they sell to the customer not the business.

    We instead build 300mm out from the chimney breast to create the media wall. If you currently have a gas fire, this would need to be removed before we start the build.

    TV related questions

    How do I access my games console/TV box, and what happens if I need to access any wires?

    Our media walls are built with the TV sitting on an extendable bracket. The TV boxes/Sky boxes/ game consoles are installed behind the TV on an accessible shelf.

    All electrics are checked and rechecked prior to plastering, so there should never be a problem with your wiring, but if there is, the bracket makes accessing the wiring easy, and we’re more than happy to assist.

    Do you supply the TV?

    Unfortunately, we do not supply the TV but we will install your existing/new TV.

    What type of TV bracket do i need?

    Once confirmed, we will recommend what type of bracket to buy and where to buy from.