Why you should consider a media wall in your living room

Why you should consider a media wall in your living room

Media walls have become very popular in interior design. They might not be for everyone but read on to learn about what a media wall is, why you should consider one and how to go about getting one fitted.

What is a media wall?

A media wall is an interior design feature that suits a minimalist style living room. It is a trendy set up in an existing wall where your TV is displayed along with other features such as a gas fire.

A media wall is an effective solution to hide TV and satellite boxes, cables, consoles and wires. Whilst ensuring they are easy to access.

When flat screen TV’s started to become more affordable, media walls were a popular solution to integrate services in one place.

Of course with more time spent at home in recent years, the desire for media walls took hold. Combining sleek technology with minimalist interior design, you have yourself a solution to completely transform your living space.

Media wall features & benefits

Media walls are not for every household, however consider the features and benefits of having one installed:

Reduces the amount of bulky furniture
Gone are the days of needing a TV unit. If you are looking for a minimalist space or have limited room, then a media wall is a good all round solution.

Affordable yet expensive looking
A media wall is an excellent option to update your living room with a stand out feature, without having to make structural changes to your home.

Stylish and functional!
A media wall looks the part but is actually a clever use of space and keeps things tidy “behind the scenes”.

Updates your home quickly
When we want to make changes to our homes, we can sometimes get carried away with our ideas. A media wall is a good solution for a project that can be turned around quickly.

Simple yet effective
Because of the nature of a media wall, it means that you keep your living space clear of clutter and mess because it is all hidden away.

Enhanced features to suit your needs and style
Don’t feel limited by your ideas. As well as integrated gas fires, media walls can include other great features such as:

  • LED back-lighting of your TV
  • Downlighting from shelves or glass cupboards
  • Shelving solutions for books etc
  • Glass doors for a simple finish whilst keeping things light and airy
  • Integrated cupboards if you want to hide even more clutter!
  • We have even fitted an integrated fridge into a media wall! No more going to the kitchen when the footie is on!

What to consider before you get a media wall

Work with a professional media wall company
Whilst a media wall may look simple they are complex to create and you need to instruct a professional. The right company will ensure proper measurements are taken and will explain all the details and factors you need to consider. They should be knowledgable and experienced in creating media walls.

You can’t have an open fire or stove below your TV
It is probably obvious why you can’t have an open fire or stove, but given the nature of a TV and heat rising, it would damage your electronic devices. But with an integrated electric fire this is not the case because of the heating element of this kind of solution. Either with an infrared heater or a fan forced heater, your electronic devices are safe. But ensure you discuss this with your installer as they should guide you on the best fire to buy.

You don’t need to have a chimney breast to have a media wall
Because of the hidden nature of a media wall, a stud wall is built out from your existing wall. This allows all of the boxes, consoles and wires to be hidden. If you do have a chimney breast we will build out from there. If you don’t have one, that is fine too.

A high finish of a media wall is important
You need to work with a provider who has attention to detail and can show you examples of their previous work. Whilst they look minimal, a media wall only works when the finish is high and attention to detail is factored into every stage.

who fits media walls?

Because media walls are complex you want to work with an experienced company who can design, supply and install your media wall. So a company with a multiple range of skills such as electrics, plastering, carpentry is recommended. To project manage this yourself with multiple trades would be complex so find a specialist fitter with good feedback and examples of work.

But media walls are our specialty so please check out our work and the examples of sleek, custom built solutions that we have produced.

Examples of our media walls

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If you are ready to improve your living space, modernise it and create something you truly love then get in touch for a no obligation quote. We can work to your style and requirements whilst also advising on the best way to create a high quality media wall that you can enjoy for years to come.